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Legal protection and support are needed by both employees and employers. It is important to protect your interests when necessary. You are entitled to certain legal rights under the employment laws. It is necessary to exercise your rights when you have been discriminated, disadvantaged or harmed. Seek help of employment law solicitors birmingham for any issue related to the employment law. Get in touch now for a free assessment over the phone. You can fix an appointment if you want to meet the lawyer in person for further consultation.

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Who Needs Services of Employment Law Solicitors in Birmingham?

Employees - Just because you are an employee, it does not mean all the cards are held by your employer. You are protected under employment laws so there is no need to worry about job related legal issues. You just need support from an experienced employment law lawyer. The professional will represent you in all areas that relate to the legal aspects of employment. You may have been dismissed unfairly, forced to leave your job, or selected unfairly for redundancy. You should seek advice of an employment solicitor immediately. You can file an unfair dismissal case if you have been employed in the current job for at least two years. Discrimination cases can be filed under the Equality Act. Many solicitors in this sector offer "No Win, No Fee" payment option. However, such an offer is made only to those clients who have a good prospect of winning. You can choose a standard payment option if your case does not look winnable to the solicitor. You can file a claim even if you are still employed with the employer against whom you want to file the case.

Employers - Employing staff is a minefield where you need to move carefully. Employers face a wide range of legal problems. It is a good idea to consult an employment law solicitor when you are planning to recruit a new employee. You will receive proper advice on all legal aspects of employment laws. The solicitor will help you draft job contracts that protect your interests. You can seek legal help for other issues like paternity rights, maternity leave entitlement, disputes and claims. It can prove expensive if an employee can establish unfair dismissal. It not only ruins you financially, it affects your company's reputation as well. Many of the problems you face with your employees can be handled better through early negotiations. It helps avoid taking the case to the tribunal or court. If you are unable to handle such a negotiation on your own, it is a good idea to take help of a solicitor who specialises in this field.

What Type of Services Are Offered by an Employment Law Solicitor?

Some of the legal issues handled by such a solicitor include termination, redundancy, restructuring, injunction, protected disclosure, outsourcing, equality, victimisation, harassment, bullying, grievance, disciplinary action, trade dispute, wage payment, working time, absence management, work permit, health and safety, and protected leave, among many other issues.

A solicitor specialising in employment law will offer you a personalised solution after taking into account the specific legal problem you are facing. You will receive complete guidance and support from start to the end.